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We are super excited to announce the launch of our new website and knowledgebase. From our small start-up Digital Optometry, our company has evolved into a global partner to healthcare practitioners worldwide. We love what we do, but it was time for change.

Our current websites are hugely successful, however we wanted to create a completely new environment, enhance our user experience and create a central location for all our products, support and offerings.

It is important for us that when we build, we build based on our user and market feedback requirements. We started the redesigning phase by conducting research into our websites’ analytics to better understand how visitors were using our website. Using this data, combined with healthcare practitioner feedback, we gain insight into what is working well and what we need to improve on.

After several months of planning, designing, deploying and testing, we are proud of what our team has achieved and are delighted to announce the launch of our new website.

We will continue to add blog articles on a monthly basis to keep you in touch with relevant topics to improve business, patient care and provide tips and tricks to apply to your own website and social media channels. Our Knowledgebase and forums have been created to assist guide you to the right answers in the shortest possible time.

We would love to hear your feedback and that you think of the new Nevada Cloud website – we welcome any comments, feedback and suggestions!

Websites are never finished

The launch of the NevadaCloud brand and website is the result of over fifteen years of hard work work designing, developing and engineering in the Optometric and Ophthalmology health care sector.  As we venture forward into the next phase, our focus to improve and innovate, remains unchanged.

The way the world communicates is changing. Customer expectations are higher than ever and business has become even more competitive. Everything we do, we remain focused on how can we assist others to improve and create opportunities from these challenges” – Says Russell Meyer-Wilson CEO.

We already have a heap of things we are thinking of including and would love to hear your thoughts of what we have done so far.

A blast from the past

Just for a bit of fun we wanted to include some of our old websites and memorabilia so you can see how websites have changed over the years.

Digital Optometry 2006

Digital Optometry 2013

Digital Optometry 2013

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